ABENIC DC 12V 2A (24W) 9800mAh Super Rechargeable Protable Li-ion Lithium Battery DC1298A Blue

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Color Name:Blue

  • Size:138mm*65mm*24mm
  • Weight: 297g
  • Product life: Circulation charge and discharge are more than or equal 500 times.
  • Can be used for devices are 12 Volts,within 2 Amps or 24W
  • What You Get: 1 X 12V DC 9800mAh Li-ion Battery and 1 X US AC adapter

Applications: Wireless cameras, personal processing systems, PDA personal data assistants, Personal communication systems, walkie-talkies, digital cameras, camcorders, Video cameras, Bluetooth devices, CD players, MD players, Portable DVD, MP3 player, smart card, aviation model and so on.
Can be used for devices are Volts,within Amps.

Capacity: 9800mAh. 

Built-in ON/OFF switch to save power usage 
Input voltage: .6V
Input current:350ma (standard) / 000ma
Output voltage: .6-0.80V
Output current:-A
The charger input: 00-40V AC,50Hz/60z 30mA  
The charger output : DC V, 500mA 
Line interface specification 5.5 * . MM
Product life: Circulation charge and discharge ≥500 times.

Package include:
X V DC 9800mAh Li-ion Battery
X AC adapter
,Open the battery light "on":red colour. Connect the wall plug,the plug turn green.
,Start charging,the plug light is red.When the battery have full,the battery light is still red. the plug light is turn GREEN.
3,Normally,it need >8hours charging complete.
,Please charge the battery before use.
,Once the voltage drop to 8.5 V or more lower,It means no more power,you have to charge it.It is full when voltage reach at V.
3,If the battery has no power, please disconnect your product then recharge the battery. If it connect to the product at this time, the indicator light is still on, the battery won't charged.
4,Please note that this battery does not apply to mobile phone charging.

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