ABN Universal Kayak Carrier - Trolley for Carrying Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards, Float Mats, and Jon Boats

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  • Practical: Use the ABN Universal Boat Carrier to cart your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, float mat, or jon boat
  • Durable: Has a 200-pound weight limit; Constructed from high-strength anodized steel to ensure longevity while also keeping the carrying weight at a minimum (8lbs)
  • Tire Design: 9.5” knobby tires that are easy to inflate; Allows for smooth movement across rough surfaces such as sand, gravel, and through wooded areas
  • Features: Oversized foam bumper pads protect your vessel from scratches or dents; Designed with a 12-foot tie down strap to secure your vessel; Includes a spring-loaded kickstand for quick and easy loading
  • Compact: Folds for easy storage and transport; Tires can be easily removed with the lynch pin; Entire carrier can be stored in a large backpack or in your vessel while on the water

The ABN Cart/Canoe Universal Paddleboard Floating Mat Kayak Boat Carrier Canoe Tote Trolley is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast. It takes the pain out of transporting your paddleboard, floating mat, kayak, boat, carrier, canoe, or tote. Constructed from high strength anodized steel to ensure extra durability while also keeping the carrying weight at a minimum. Easy inflatable (bike pump) 9-½” knobby tires allows for smooth movement across sand, gravel, and through wooded areas. Includes a 12-foot tie down strap to secure your kayak, paddleboard, boat, and floating mat. Includes oversized foam pads to protect your kayak from scratches or dents, Includes a spring loaded kickstand for quick and easy loading. Carrier breaks down for easy storage and transport, tires can be easily removed with the removal of lynch pin, can be stored in a large backpack or in the kayak while on the water. Simple and easy assembly.

Customer reviews(3)

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November 5, 2016
It took awhile to get it. Small, light and compact. Assembled in a minute. Fits my 10 foot kayak nicely. But said it could carry two. Not without help. Carries nicely on even surfaces.
The downside. Hit a slide slope or bumpy surface on a road, not even on a trail and the kayak slides off or the carrier folds up like an accordian. There are no brackets to lock it in place once its open.The straps hold little support.Ok to transport from cabin road to lake. But on a trail or any uneven surface, NO WAY!
I gave it a 3 because of its size weight and convenience. A great looking product which could be improved upon by simply adding support brackets to keep it from collapsing in uneven surfaces. Which it is advertised to do. And bars to hold the straps in place and to stop from sliding off.
If your looking for a trail carrier, this isn't the one for you!
July 18, 2018
Good and sturdy rolls over rough terrain with ease. Givin 4 stars due to the strap, should have a quick release clip with tension adjustment
Amazon Customer
June 22, 2018
arrived quickly, however wasn't happy with the fact I had to pay Duty fees...very good product..well worth getting, just wish the duty fees would disappear.

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