AFUNTA 6 Sets/18 Pcs 3D Printer 0.4mm MK8 Stainless Steel Extruder Nozzle Print M6 Head & 1.75mm 30mm Length Teflon Throat Tube & Heater Blocks Hotend, Compatible MK8 Makerbot Reprap i3 / Anet A8 A2 AF-6-set_3D_printer_kit

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  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all 1.75mm PLA ABS 3D printer.
  • 0.4MM EXTRUDER NOZZLE PRINT HEAD: Material---Stainless steel; Input Diameter---1.75mm; Output Diameter---0.4mm, Out Thread: M6.
  • 30MM LENGTH EXTRUDER TUBE: External Thread Diameter---6mm, Inner Diameter---2mm, Length---30mm (Suitable for Anet A8/A2 3D Printer); Filament Diameter---1.75mm; Material - Stainless Steel.
  • HEATER BLOCKS HOTEND: Thermocouple Mounting Hole---M3, Nozzle & Nozzle Throat Hole---M6, Hole for Mounting Screw---M3.
  • NOZZLE CLEANING NEEDLES: 0.4mm, stainless steel, suitable for cleaning your 3D Printer nozzles.

After replacing the nozzle, please recalibrate the distance between nozzle and build plate to ensure the quality of print parts.
Don't use the drill to clean until the nozzle is heated over 200 degrees.
Sharp and small parts, please keep them away from children.
Compatible with all 1.75mm PLA ABS 3D printer.
Extruder stainless steel Nozzle Print Head:
Material: Stainless steel
Compatibility: For MK8 Makerbot Reprap i3
Out Thread: M6
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Output Diameter: 0.4mm
Extruder Tube:
Type: Nozzle Throat
Material: Stainless Steel & Teflon
Length: 30mm (Suitable for Anet A8/A2 3D Printer)
External Thread Diameter: 6mm
Input Diameter: 1.75mm
Compatibility: 3D Printer
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Note: Anet A8/A2 For 30mm tube.
Heater Block:
Type: Heater Block
Material: Aluminum
Suitable for: 3D Printer
Nozzle & Nozzle Throat Hole: M6
Heater Mounting Hole: 6mm diameter
Hole for Mounting Screw: M3
Thermocouple Mounting Hole: M3
Dimensions: 2 * 2 * 1cm / 0.8 * 0.8 * 0.4in (L W H)
3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning:
Material: Stainless steel
Bit Diameter: 0.4mm
Flexible, sturdy and durable. With a handle, you can twist the drill when using.
Package Includes:
6 x 30mm Tube
6 x 0.4mm Nozzle
6 x Heater Blocks Hotend
1 x 0.4mm Cleaning Needle

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