Gift Card in a Gift Tag Inc. Fixed

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  • FREE ONE DAY SHIPPING when selected at checkout (where available)
  • Paper gift card (100% recyclable) is inside gift tag
  • Gift Card has no fees and no expiration date
  • No returns and no refunds on Gift Cards
  • Gift Card is redeemable towards millions of items storewide at
  • Scan and redeem any Gift Card with a mobile or tablet device via the Amazon App

Denomination:50  |  Design name:Birthday Balloons Tag Gift Cards are the perfect way to give someone exactly what they're hoping for. Recipients can choose from millions of items storewide. Gift Cards never expire, so they can buy something immediately or wait for that sale of a lifetime.

Customer reviews(8)

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November 29, 2016
It all started when I was up far past my bedtime on a late Sunday night, waiting for the clock to strike midnight giving life to a special Monday, a Cyber Monday. This is when hours would go buy, yes, BUY. Eventually finding a deal on a GoPro Session with all this free stuff including a $20 gift card. But the catch is it was not Prime, so I had to pay $10 shipping...In return I would get a $20 Amazon gift card and a few other free extras to sweeten up the deal. So I took the bait and 2 days later I get a $20 Gift Card in the mail as promised. It hasn't left since, we've just been hanging out together, watching Westworld and eating after dark...This is when it happened, I noticed it had a bit of cookie chocolate on'em, so got some water to clean it, little did I know you NEVER give water to a Gift Card after midnight! Basically the rest is the plot of Gremlins. Totally worth it.
December 2, 2016
This is awesome! I love Amazon. I love online shopping. I think anyone who is like me (loving shopping online instead of in stores) would really appreciate a gift like this. The card is a simple white card with the Amazon logo on it, but the little blue envelope it comes in is fancy!! It has a sparkly white/silver string on t too. It's great!
I'm going to apply it to my account and see what happens and update my review to reflect how that part of it works out.
Anyway, if you want to give a gift, this is a nice way to do it, and it came very quickly in a large envelope.
Okay, so I applied it to my account. It was so easy! I just had to peel the sticker off the back of the card and it had a code underneath. I entered that code on Amazon's page for
Angel Harvis
December 5, 2017
So cute! Love this design. Great Christmas present. Who doesn't love Amazon? This is such a great present to give to someone special! The packaging is great; I find most gift card envelopes are quite dreary, so this is great!
J. Dirom
October 30, 2016
Just a nice little tag to add as a bonus gift to smaller items.

I added these tags to a bottle of wine for gifts. Went over great!
November 18, 2016
It's easy to buy and send, it gives the recipient a huge range of options to buy with it, it is always popular with my grandchildren. Its a no brainer as a gift
February 7, 2018
Obviously, the recipient of the gift was a happy one - who doesn't love the opportunity to shop for something you want?! I much prefer the option of ordering a physical gift card to gift to someone and I liked the holiday pocket tag it came with. I'm all about fun little details, which can be hard to do when you're gifting a gift card!
Heidi Murray
January 11, 2018
You could not tell what it was and for how much either until you pulled the card out of the snowman gift tag. I taped it to the gift I was giving, was a nice surprise for the person. Shipped in lots of time, and looked nothing like the amazon gift cards in the stores. Much nicer touch.
July 27, 2017
Great Product, Came Really Fast, was an easy gift to give to someone, would recommend

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