Black & White Contrast Filters

Maximal Power Filter Kit49 Lens Filter Kit (Black)

CA $4.72

Tiffen 77WBPM14 77mm Warm Black Pro-Mist 1/4 Filter

CA $79.13

Tiffen 52WBPM4 52mm Warm Black Pro-Mist 4 Filter

CA $38.32

Tiffen 72BWFK 72mm Black and White Filter Kit

CA $81.33

Olympus PRF-D52PRO Lens Protect Filter for M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6 Lens (260295) Olympus Canada

CA $27.67

Tiffen 49BDFX1 49mm Black Diffusion 1 Filter

CA $31.60

Hoya 52 mm Pro ND 200 Filter 0991

CA $108.85

Formatt-Hitech ND 100x100mm (4-Inchx4-Inch) Neutral Density 1.5 (5 Stops) Formatt Hitech Limited FC100ND1.5

CA $135.10

Cokin P003 Filter, P, Red WP1R003

CA $24.07

FidgetFidget Colors Lighting Filter Gel Sheets 16'x20 for Video Camera Studio Photograpgy Red

CA $4.33

Hoya 67mm PROND 500 Neutral Density 9 Stops (2.7) ND Filter YPND050067

CA $145.77

Tiffen 52BPM12 52mm Black Pro-Mist 1/2 Filter

CA $51.22

Formatt Hitech Limited HT67AMH36 67mm Digital Camera Lens Filter (Black)

CA $25.54

Tiffen 52BDFX12 52mm Black Diffusion 1/2 Filter

CA $36.11

Formatt Hitech Limited HT100WBMMH 100x100MM, 4-Inch x 4-Inch Warm Black Movie Mist Filter 0.5

CA $56.81

Kenko 77mm YA3 Professional Multi-Coated Camera Lens Filters Kenko Tokina USA Inc. 177365

CA $121.27

Hoya 62mm PROND 1000 Neutral Density 10 Stops (3.0) ND Filter YPND100062

CA $69.27

Tiffen 82LC3 82mm Low Contrast 3 Filter

CA $78.95

Kantek SVT4723 iView Privacy Filter for Apple iPad and iPad 2 (Black) Kantek Inc.

CA $57.44

Kantek Secure-View Blackout Privacy Filter for 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitors (16:9 Aspect Ratio) (SVL23W9) Kantek Inc.

CA $77.88

Kenko Close-Up Lens 52mm AC No.5 Achromatic-Lens Kenko Tokina USA Inc. 352069

CA $29.09

Tiffen 82BPM1 82mm Black Pro-Mist 1 Filter

CA $74.85