Blessing Kit - Financial Growth Coventry Creations AR-BK-FG

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  • Financial Growth, Money Draw, Problem Solving, Spiritual Cleansing, Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Blessing Kit, Votives

A triad of Money Draw, Problem Solver and Spiritual Cleansing. Votives burn for 10 hours. Approach financial growth from many directions: continually plant new seeds, keep your focus on the big picture, have a goal and meet your immediate needs at the same time. Blessing - I have planted the seeds of magic in my ideas and watch as they grow into success and reward. My immediate needs are met and my future success begins to manifest.

Customer reviews(2)

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January 24, 2017
The product was expired!!! I'm gonna sue their ass!!ud83dude21ud83dude21ud83dude21
Amazon Customer
February 20, 2017
They are smaller than in the picture above.

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