Clevamama Microwave Soother Pacifier Steriliser (BPA-free) 1000

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  • Fastest steriliser in the market - Sterilise 6 soothers in just 60 seconds
  • Free pacifiers - Includes 2 silicone orthodontic soothers
  • Easy to use - Simply add water and place in the microwave
  • Compact and portable - Suitable for home and travel
  • Perfect size - Suitable for all standard soothers

Using the speed and convenience of your microwave, it is now possible to sterilize up to 6 pacifiers in just 60 seconds. The Soother Tree is the fastest and most compact sterilizer in the market; it is even small enough to fit in your changing bag. It creates a compact home for pacifiers and with its transparent lid you will always know how many pacifiers you have on hand and how many are missing. No more last minute panicking over lost pacifiers! The non-slip base makes it easy for one handed use.

Customer reviews(2)

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August 13, 2016
This small steamer is exactly the size we required. After wasting counter space (as well as alot of time and $) on a electric bottle sterilizer and after having discovered microwave sterilizers, seeing this Clevermana pacifier sterilizer intrigued me. As I've solely breastfed for the past 6 months, the large microwave sterilizers has stayed in the cupboard as taking it out for pacifiers alone seemed unnecessary and as for the electric one- that was passed off to someone who didn't know any better ;). This little steamer has been used daily. Pour in a bit of water, hang as many pacifiers as possible, replace lid and microwave for 1 minute. That's it.
It even fits MAM newborn as well as their 0-6 month pacifiers though admittedly it's a little awkward.
The base has a great ring of grip so tipping has never been an issue.

The only (slight)negative to this sterilizer is opening it after its been in the microwave.
As there is no handle you can use as leverage to twist the lid off in a hurry when hot (the small finger bar at the top is too tiny to be truly practical), you need to grab the whole lid to twist which often results in spilling the hot water due to the shallow bowl and lid lip placement.

Other than this small issue which can be easily got over by having more patience by waiting for the water to cool and then opening it with a bit more care now that you are no longer concermed with burning your hands.

Its an excellent macro microwave sterilizer that I wish it had discovered for my first 2 kids.
October 13, 2018
I would have rather had the color red one that’s picture here, I got a clear/white one. Totally different the pic shown.

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