Compression Gauges

Goliath Industry Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader Scan Tool - Features A 3000 Code Database - Suitable For Most Cars & Trucks In The USA (WiFi For iOS, Android, & Windows) OBD Scanner

CA $49.92

Diesel Engine Cylinder Compression Tester Master Kit Direct / Indirect Injection AB Tools

CA $125.43

Petrol and Diesel Master Compression / Cylinder pressure meter kit AT461 AB Tools

CA $177.62

Combustion Leak Detector Petrol Diesel Engines Cylinder Head Gasket Engine Block AB Tools

CA $60.75

Automotive Electronic Mechanics Stethoscope Engine Diagnostic Probe Identifier AB Tools

CA $39.39

Innovative Products of America 7881 Compression Tester Extension IPA Tools

CA $20.72

Lisle 52700 Audio Stethoscope Lisle Corporation

CA $19.73

Lisle 20250 Compression Tester

CA $28.52

Oil pressure tester / wave box pressure meter AT692 AB Tools

CA $38.51

Spark Plug Tester / HT Lead / Ignition Test Tool Checker 4 PACK AB Tools

CA $24.20

Audi A4 / A5 / A6 Engine Oil Gauge Level Dipstick Pan Adjustable AT437 AB Tools

CA $24.98

Ctool Diesel Engine Compression Test Set Cylinder Pressure Meter for Diesel Truck WSTOOL

CA $69.41