Dewhel Rotary Battery Disconnect Isolator Power Kill Cut OFF Switch 300A for Car Boat Marine Van Truck Rv Caravan

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  • Rated current and voltage: 300A 60V DC
  • 2-Position: ON and OFF positions
  • Side terminal battery bolt Electrical life: 10000
  • Easy operation: disconnect and reconnect battery by one simple turn of the knob on it.
  • Wide applications 12V - 60V batteries: Car, Van, Boat, Rv, Truck, etc.

Package Include:
1 x Battery Disconnect Switch
Small size, sturdy and durable.
Wide range of uses, can be used as interior and exterior of the increase in all kinds of electrical devices on / off key (eg: Strobe, chassis lights, fog lights).
This float switch is designed for bilge pump applied in RV, boat, yacht, etc.

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