Farm Innovators Model BD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath, 75-Watt, Terra Cotta

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Color Name:Terra Cotta

  • Includes hardware for three different mounting options: deck/post mount, clamp mount and legs for ground placement
  • Thermostatically controlled birdbath operates only when necessary, costing just pennies a day to operate
  • Cord tucks away for warm weather use, hidden from sight
  • Powder coated finish will remain rust free for years
  • Tested to 20-degree f (28-degree c)

Color Name:Terra Cotta

This thermostatically controlled heated birdbath features a versatile mounting system with 3 different mounting options (deck, clamp, and ground). It heats only when necessary, costing just pennies a day to operate. The cord tucks away for warm weather use, hidden from sight. The powder coated finish will remain rust free for years. Installation is quick and easy. Tested to -10°F (-23°C). One year limited warranty.

Customer reviews(8)

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Dr. G. S. Mueller
December 5, 2013
... the design has serious (possibly legal) problems!

Yes, it keeps water in the bowl from freezing;

But, the electrical cord is only 1 foot long, meaning that none of the mounting methods; resting on the ground, on a post, or on a railing, will be within 1 foot of an electrical outlet. And then, a sticker warning on the bottom tells you not to use this device with an extension cord. Totally stupid design, and undoubtedly compliance with risk-adverse corporate lawyers; except, of course, if this thing fails during the warranty period, the excuse will be that you plugged it in through an extension cord, even though that is the only way you can actually use this device.

That aside, it is a really good heated birdbath!
D Bo
May 9, 2015
Worked well all winter in Edmonton, AB. I bungee corded mine to the deck rail using the provided hooks as anchors for the bungee cord. It's nice that I can tip out the brown plastic part for cleaning it but leave the anchored black metal in place. Holds a good amount of water. Not too much; not too little.
Steven McDowell
February 8, 2017
As a simple product, it's great. Well made, works as advertised. In Ontario winter weather, the water has not frozen at all. Easy to remove the bath to clean it (unless using the Watertight Cord Connector). Good price.

Only four stars because it didn't include mounting hardware for an obvious use-case, on the top of a deck railing. Fortunately, easy to solve with some angle brackets and a drill. As others have mentioned, the power cord is an odd length, a little too short, putting the connection to the extension cord pretty much under the bath, where the water can fall on it, hence the Watertight Cord Connector is helpful.
Judy Coates
February 12, 2018
I love this bird bath for many reasons and recommend it on my website for these reasons:
1. It holds the right depth of water which the finches and sparrows love. The larger birds like Mourning Doves love it too. ;-)
2. It is super easy to care for as it is easy to remove the bowl part and tip it to refresh the water.
3. Very easy to clean surface.
4. Keeps the water free of ice even down to -20C. Probably works at lower temps too, but I don't want to find out. LOL
5. Love that I have options to mount it. I have mounted it for the winter to the side of our wooden privacy fence. Was super easy. (For the summer I am going to look for a glass or plastic bowl that will fit inside, so the mount can be used all year.

1. It does not sit level, so the water is deeper on one side. To help this I slipped a metal paper clip over the metal bracket that the metal peice fits into that holds the ring up for the bath to fit into and that works. But I am going to get in touch with the company to see if they have a proper fix for this.
2. The outlet cord is very short, but, if it was longer the price would go up. You would likely still need an outdoor extension anyway as everyone will need it to be a different distance. So it is debatable whether this is actually a drawback. This way you can just purchase the length you need.

But all in all we are enjoying this heated bird bath very much and the birds love it. It is busy all day long.
December 1, 2016
Too shallow. Runs out of water in 2 days, and is such light plastic, when bare base starts showing thru, the plastic bubbles up, lightens in colour, and the advertised thermostat does not kick out. The whole thing would melt if not caught in time. Also, the thermostat does not kick out at the freezing point, and the water just gets very warm! I would not buy another one of these. It needs to be made of clay/terra cotta and have the electrics embedded in the clay, and/or have a thermostat that actually works. Added note!!! One month later, the thing quit, knocked out the breaker, while full of water. This is crap, a piece of junk. I trusted it because it came from a farm products company. Well, never again.
Don L.
December 24, 2016
I've had this in operation for a week now with temperatures down to -15C and it has provided open water except for a thin bit of ice around the edges. It's well made and quite sturdy although the hoop and wall bracket does tend to sag a bit with a full pan of water. A simple angle brace would be a good improvement instead of the existing cantilever support. It does come with legs so if you have a flat horizontal surface this would work very well.
January 9, 2014
For the money the product does what it advertises. The feet are odd little things that take a moment or two to figure out, could be a bit better engineered. Arrives with a 6
February 26, 2018
It has been a very cold winter and this unit keeps water melted up to - 18 Celcius. So when it gets colder than that, I bring it in and get the ice out and put it back outside with warm water in it. I see a few birds getting a drink from it.

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