Febreze plug air freshener scented oil refill, Hawaiian aloha, 3 count Procter and Gamble

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  • Cleans away odors-rather than just masks them-and leaves behind a light, fresh scent
  • Get 1200 hours of Febreze freshness (on low setting) from one Febreze PLUG odor eliminator refill (that's 72, 000 minutes!)
  • Febreze PLUG (formerly Febreze NOTICEables) air freshener refills are compatible with all versions of Febreze plug warmers
  • Just plug into any outlet to start cleaning away your tough stinks-in the kitchen, mud room, or even pet odors
  • Escape to the Pacific Islands with the lush, tropical scent of a Febreze PLUG Hawaiian Aloha air freshener

PLUG cleans away odors, instead of simply covering them up. Plus, this air freshener plug cleans away stinks for 00 hours with just one pluggable refill (on low setting). Simply plug into any outlet to clean away stinks with a fresh, citrusy twist. PLUG air freshener refills are compatible with both the classic and newly redesigned plug warmers.Like what you smell? is also available in AIR (air freshener spray) and CAR (car air freshener vent clip).

Customer reviews(1)

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November 13, 2018

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