Solomark Deluxe Adjustable 86-117 Mm Inside Diameter Solar Filter, Baader Planetarium Film, for 86-117mm Aperture Telescopes-astrosolar Safety Film Visual-explore the Sun Safely Through a Telescope-discover the Fun of Daytime Astronomy SOLOMARK_QHFT034

CA $82.42

Olivon Laser Collimator Sky-Watcher 92023

CA $67.90

ICE 1.25' Variable Polarizing Eyepiece Filter for Telescope Polarizer Desmond 4331908662

CA $16.62

Orion 5522 5-Position 1.25-Inch Filter Wheel

CA $80.07

Astromania Deluxe Solar Filter 140mm Adjustable Cap Metal from 110mm to 132mm Aperture 115mm - immediately start solar observing and our Sun immediately becomes 'within reach' SKU_AM_DSF140

CA $72.23

Astromania solar filter, 130mm - let you also do astronomy during the day SKU_AM_SF130

CA $72.57

Gosky 1.25' 13% Transmission Moon Filter for Telescopes - Quality Optical Glass Filter - Metal Flamework

CA $18.19

Gosky Optics Full Aperture Astronomical Telescope Solar Filter (Silver) - 127-154mm(5.00'-6.10') Adjustable Aluminum Baader Solar Cap / Sun Filter Membrane 5.0 Lens Cap Planetarium Solar Safety Film QHFT038

CA $48.99

Gosky 150mm Solar Filter for 150mm Aperture Sky-watcher Telescope - Baader Planetarium Solar Film 4332048727

CA $27.29