Glade Sense & Spray Holder & Clean Linen Scent Refill - 1 Holder & 1 Refill SC Johnson 624040

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Customer reviews(31)
  • A unique fragrance experience that blends attractive design with motion-sensor technology that allows the unit to spray when you pass by
  • Boost button can be pressed at any time for an extra burst of fragrance.
  • Choose from a variety of quality Glade fragrances.
  • The lock-out mode for Sense and Spray is 20 minutes. The lock-out mode for Sense and Spray (with 360-Degree design) is 15, 20, or 30 minutes depending on the switch setting.

The innovative Sense and Spray Automatic Air Freshener detects when you pass by, instantly releasing a burst of fragrance into the air. Equipped with motion sensor technology, it cuts down on waste and conserves refills by automatically freshening only when you need it most.Fruity tropical flavors conjure dreams of the most relaxing vacation in Vanilla Passion Fruit. Let the essence of passion fruit, watermelon, coconut water, vanilla cream and amber take your senses back to the beach.

Customer reviews(31)

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Amanda Joy
July 2, 2018
Almost too strong smell
Alamin Negash
April 7, 2018
I purchased this product and i get different thing!!!
February 1, 2018
Misleading picture, not what I want
April 22, 2017
That is not the item I received. This is the picture of the bigger automatic spray wich iswhat I wanted. What I received was a small white automatic spay with a very small spray can. Very disappointed.
Rick G.
May 8, 2017
I put this in the cat litter room and it keeps the room smelling fresh after that cat does her business. It made her jump a few feet in the air the first time, but she's used to it now. When she goes and does her business it gives a puff of freshness, effectively masking any odours. I like how it can be set to spray when you press the button, as well as a timed spray and a motion sensing spray, ensuring it only releases scent when the cat walks by. It smells like fresh laundry, a very pleasant and non-offensive scent that I find very pleasing. I recommend this product if you need a little freshness added to your spaces.
August 19, 2017
The Glade Sense and Spray is good for anyone who wants to have room freshener that sprays consistently. After several months, it still sprays each time my upstairs hall light is turned on. It releases the same amount of freshener, avoiding overuse. I do wish the other scents were readily available as I'm not a huge fan of Clean Linen and would rather have a citrusy or fruity scent personally. As I have asthma and allergies, this item may not be the best item for me, but I have made sure to place it in a low traffic area for this reason.
May 22, 2017
I really like this product, I've placed it in the washroom in my home and I found that it really makes a difference in the room. The sensor does a timed release of air freshener, and if you're in the room for an extended period of time the sensor doesn't continually spray the room which keeps it from getting an overpowering smell. I will definitely be ordering the replacement cartridges for this, as it will be a permanent fixture in my home!
Man Chart
June 27, 2018
Like the others have said, I feel like this is false advertising. It isn’t the same as the pictures and there isn’t any way to determine which refill to buy from the description. It also came with a mark on the front that I can’t get off. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 because I truly love the smell.

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