Hair Jewelry

Hair Stick barrette Brooch shawl pin Hair slide clamps Thick Hair clip Colorful Fascinator Wire wrapped accessory

CA $26.60

Hair claw Large stick barrette Turquoise Long Hair fork Big Shawl pin Thick hair clip

CA $26.60

Headbands Green, pink and fuchsia Carla Handmade Made in Italy - Gifts Girl - Gift Girl - Artisan Product - Original Gift Ideas - Christmas Gifts - Gifts For Her - Christmas - Headband, Head wrap, Hair Band, Turban, Twisted, Criss Cross, Node

CA $55.30

Amethyst Gemstone Hair Clips - Set of two high quality bronze bobby pins - modern minimal style

CA $9.09

Rose Gold Hair Accessories by West Coast Jewelry Rose Gold Hair Pins

CA $21.00

Istanbul Leaves, Beads Turkish, Turquoise Bead ,Headchain, Headdres,s Hippie, Hipster, Bohemian, Boho, ,Trend, FESTIVAL JEWELRY,head chain,head jewelry,hair accessories,gypsy,

CA $17.50