HICTOP LM8UU Linear Bearings for 3D Printer, RepRap Prusa Mendel DIY CNC Motion, Prusa Mendel, reprap Pack of 6PCs (8mm x 15mm x 24mm) HIC Technology

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  • Dimensions: 8mm Inside diameter, 15mm outside diameter, 24mm length
  • Great for linear motion on 3D Printer, CNC, and other applications
  • Package included: 6 x LM8UU Linear Bearings
  • They come factory sealed in pairs and may require lubrication.
  • Linear Motion Bearings LM8UU for your needed replacements

Material : Carbon Steel, Rubber
Inner Diameter : 8mm / 0."
Outer Diameter : mm / 0."
Length : 4mm / 0.4"
The universal Ball Bearings is great for you to replace the damaged Ball Bearings in your devices to improve them efficiency and save energy.
Only is authorized to sell brand products. Other sellers are selling poor quality bearings and not selling brand products. We cannot be sure of their quality. Be cautious when ordering.

Customer reviews(5)

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Jon H
August 2, 2017
2/6 bearings were decent... and I mean borderline decent. no better then my old bearings.

Edit: They sent me a new set pretty quickly. The new package was better then my last set I had received. 5/6 were alright and could be used to replace dead bearings in some of my printers, the sixth was a little stiff though feels like a ball has a flat in one of the races.
Dylan Burrows
September 6, 2018
All work smoothly very happy would buy again
March 9, 2017
Not really any worse than a typical chinese LM8UU bearing, but ensure that you buy at least 3 for every 1 that you need so you can pick the best one.
December 31, 2017
Terrible product as they are noisy and damage shafts quickly. Replaced these units with Igus units for less. Avoid these bearings at all cost.
Michael Heynen
December 5, 2017
Comes in a pack of 6 - all of them were unusable. Even when lubricated (lithium grease) they made a terrible sound and did not move smoothly. I highly doubt they are new. Do not buy them. Pay a little bit more and get Igus bearings.

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