Intocircuit 2nd Gen 13000mAh Dual USB External Battery Charger with Smart LCD, Gray Youthcare PC13000S

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  • 100% guaranteed Apple MFi Licensed product, your money back if not real!
  • Support ios 11.4 or later, Made for iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus, iPad.
  • Special made aluminum oxide case making this splitter high quality and durable

iPhone Headphone Adapter, Lightning Port Cable Splitter, Charger Audio Jack Adapter for iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus, Official Apple Accessories

Customer reviews(25)

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Brent Toombs
July 26, 2015
Quality build. Takes a long time to charge, but lasts a long time once you charge it. Won't charge my iPod classic but nothing seems to work on the iPod except the Apple transformers.

UPDATE: This was good while it lasted, unfortunately it didn't last very long. After only using it a few times the small USB input developed a poor connection. I could only get it to charge if I pressed down on the cable while charging. Now the port has broken off and I will never be able to recharge it again. I probably only used this powerbank about 15 times over the past 18 months. I thought the hefty metal case meant it was durable, but ultimately the ports where flimsy. I will replace it with an Anker or Aukey powerbank. They may be plastic, but they seem to be better built.
August 4, 2014
So far I am satisfied with the Intocircuit Power Castle 13000mAh. Initially I had problem charging the unit using my iPhone charger. I believe it overloaded the charger and shut it down. So instead of fully charging the power castle before first use, I used whatever was remaining in the unit to charge my iPhone 5, and was still able to charge my iPhone fully 6 times. I believe it can charge the iPhone 7-8 times when fully charged. I wish the description of the unit on Amazon would have included the types of charger required to charge the power castle so I would have gotten the charger with the power castle together at the same time to save the hassle and take advantage of the free shipping included. Now I would have to buy one separately. However, I have used my desktop to charge the unit and it is fully charged in about 9 hours as stated in most websites. The unit is heavier than I expected. I will not carry it around for daily use/backup as I have a smaller unit for that purpose. This is definitely good for long haul travel on plane or by car. It takes about 3 hours to charge my iPhone 5 using the 1A output and about 1.5 hours using the 2A output. On my upcoming trip in 2 weeks, I will try to charge two iPhone 5s at the same time, so I can't comment on that right now. The flashlight is handy to have but I would not waste the power juice for that purpose. Overall, I like my new power castle.
R. Roy Barman
May 2, 2015
Corners are too pointed and sharp; cuts through the supplied carry bag. Model should be re-designed with more smooth and rounded corners. Performance wise this is an excellent product. I highly recommend keeping one of this item in your bag for long trips.
Tino Peruzzini
June 11, 2018
Excellente durée de charge!
Kim L
March 27, 2015
I received this iClever Intocircuit Power Bank and when I first opened the box my first thought was how rich looking this charger is. It was fully charged. It has a brushed gun metal gray aluminum alloy shell with an anodized finish so it won't scratch easily. It measures 5" x 2.7" x .9" and weighs a little under a pound (.667). It has two USB charging ports which allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time. The 2.1A port has the SmartID technology and is capable of identifying your device and charging accordingly. It does not have pass through charging which means you cannot charge the battery pack at the same time that you are charging any devices. There is a blue LED status bar that shows what percentage of charge is remaining in the pack and there is a small LED flashlight on the front that you turn on/off by pressing the power button two times consecutively. In the box includes the battery pack, micro USB charging cable, user manual, warranty card and a nice pouch to keep the pack in.

It has a bank capacity of 13000mAh and it says it will charge your S5 3 times; I charged 3 different S5's that were completely dead and I still had 22% left. I charged my iPad Air while it was on and it was at 83% and the battery pack was at 96%, it took 1-1/2 hours and the battery pack still had 72%.

I give this product 5 out of 5 Stars and highly recommend it to anyone.
January 25, 2015
Great battery. External batteries these days can be a hit or miss, but I think we have a solid contender here.

Design: The battery feels very solid in the hand. Many other companies use plastic casing as the outer shell, but nothing beats the feeling of hard metal. This battery has polished aluminum around it, and it looks very stylish. It's the size of a small external hard drive. I actually like the size and design of the battery since you can stack it or stand it up. The LED light display is a nice little feature and quite useful. When you are charging something, the Intocircuit battery's own percentage shows up, but what's cool is that the display also shows whether it's 2.1A or 1.0A being used. I've included a picture for comparison in size.

Functionality: In terms of battery, this thing performs very well. I tested devices in both the 1A and 2.1A ports using iOS and Android devices. Everything charged very well. It also has an included flash light ability that is a nice extra feature. Again, the LED Display is nifty and helpful, and the display actually will light up blue when you first press it or use the battery, but the light will go away after a few seconds to save battery.

Overall, this is a nice battery with a premium feel. It also is in the similar price range as Anker and other well established battery brands. It certainly has a more stylish look over the others, and its parent company, Hisgadget, is a good brand based on reviews from other customers on other products. This is a solid external battery.
February 10, 2015
I have been using this device to charge my iPhone 6, my iPad Mini, a pair of bluetooth headphones and a bluetooth speaker. It can hold a pretty decent charge. To dig into the details I decided to run a little test on my iPhone 6 to see what power it actually holds. I decided to charge the power brick up to 100% and see what kind of recharging I could do just on my iPhone. I let my iPhone run down to 5% and charge it up. The Power Castle showed that I still had 83% power up on the charging station. The next day I had my phone down to 60% and charged it full. The brick went down to 72%. This would show that I can charge my phone up fully about 6 times without needing to charge my Power Castle.
One feature I must say I really like is that when your device is fully charged, it will stop supplying battery power to the device. This is really helpful for battery life preservation.

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