TRIXES 3pc Jeweller’ s Watchmaker Eye Loupe Magnifying Glass Set 4331965231

CA $10.84

Ocean Aquarius Surgical Headlight Medical Headband Light Lamp Good Light Spot ENT 5W DY-006 (White)

CA $130.19

Portable Dark Field 10x Magnification Power Loupe Gem Gemstone Gemology Tester with 18mm Diameter Viewing Lens Gain Express Holdings Ltd CLMG-7201

CA $25.83

LED 3X/10X Magnifier Glass with Clamp Clip Table Light Desk Lamp Magnifying Lens Design Illuminated Dimmable Brightness Agjustable Flexible Portable for Printing Machinery Carving Generic

CA $37.89

SE MH7066B 5X Table Magnifier, 2-Inch X 3-Inch Dual Lens, Glass Lens

CA $10.49

420-800mm HD Telephoto Zoom Lens Optical Glass Lens OUYAWEI SZJQ-0906PEL_02UZY0RI

CA $89.84

YeahiBaby 6pcs Mini Magnifying Glass 5X Foldable Portable Leather Magnifier Set for Reading Maps

CA $11.33

VisibleDust Quasar R 5X Sensor Loupe Magnifier with Dark Adaptation Technology VD-19137095

CA $83.96

SODIAL(R) 60X Universal Mobile Phone Mini Portable Clip LED Microscope Magnifier Loupe UV Currency Detector Flashlight Silver 054073

CA $7.20

SE MI120P 10X Black Plastic Body Eye Loupe Lens

CA $7.47

Ring Light for Camera iPhone Photography QIAYA

CA $179.73

Generic 30x Jeweler Loupe with LED and UV Light Gain Express Holdings Ltd GM31

CA $20.93

PEAK TS1964 Fixed Focus Loupe, 22X Magnification, 0.75' Lens Diameter, 0.4' Field View 0.75 Lens Diameter 0.4 Field View PK1964

CA $54.59