Podoy Battery Disconnect Switch- 12V Auto Battery Disconnect Cut Off Switch for RV, Boat, ATV, Vehicles, 300Amp Battery Isolation Switch with 2 Keys

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Customer reviews(8)
  • Car Battery Isolator Cut Off Power Kill Switch;Cut off power on racing cars & prevent fire.durable brass terminals, nuts & washers
  • Voltage: 12-24V,Contact resistance: 50m,Insulation resistance: 100M,Dielectric strength: 1500VAC / 1min
  • Two terminals- M8 / mounting holes 6mmBattery kill Switch:mounting holes : M6 (6mm),Stud connections : M8 (8mm)
  • Helps prevent battery drain when storing & repairing cars/trucks.
  • The key can be taken down when there is no power connection.

Please check carefully for the size information on the picture before buying.

Packing:1x Power switch + 2 x Keys + 1x Waterproof cover Material:Plastic

Current: 300A (V)

voltage: -V

Operating temperature: 40-80 °

Product Operation: ON / OFF

Contact resistance: 50m

Insulation resistance: 100M

Dielectric strength: 1500VAC / 1min

Electrical life: 10,000 times

weight: 8mm screw 105g

Customer reviews(8)

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May 25, 2018
This switch seems good but my issue is that I only received 1 key. The description clearly states that there is suppose to be 2 keys. So where is my 2nd key???????? Packing:1x Power switch + 2 x Keys + 1x Waterproof cover
barry larson
October 17, 2017
Garage! When and installed it on my R.V. and then found out it was defective.it not worth returning.
Maurice Caron
September 11, 2018
Made my boat secure and safe
June 7, 2018
All hooked up and ready to go!!!! Works like a charm
W. Mollison
July 4, 2018
Dose everything as promised.
May 15, 2018
Works great and saves lots of hassle when we are ready to disconnect the batteries.
Brittany Caprara
November 30, 2017
good switch.
Paul Douillard
October 7, 2018

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