Razor Strops

Barber Practical Shaving Leather and Canvas Strop Best Tool for Razor Shaver Generic

CA $7.69

Extra large razor paddle strop in wood and leather direct from France Laguiole Actiforge

CA $58.69

Professional Barber Leather Strop Straight Razor Sharpening Shave Shaving Strap Refaxi

CA $7.38

Cisixin Portable Cowhide Shaving Leather Strap Men Leather Sharpening Strop Strap Belt for Straight Shaving Razor

CA $7.69

BLACK & GOLD Stainless Steel Barber Straight Edge Razor with Hi-Chromium Derby 100 Count Blades Made of Platinum Stainless Steel Easy To Replacement of Blades Mechanism - Perfect for Barbershops - Close Shaving Men's Manual Shaver - Macs-045B1 Macs Raz

CA $10.14

KOHL Straight Razor Leather German Made STROP PASTE KL20-M

CA $9.09

Leather and Canvas Hanging Razor Strop Shaving Strop 5 Workable Area 5.5 Cm X 33 Cm by SF FS shaving strop # 5

CA $37.04

Parker's Handmade 3 x 27 Red Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop - Made in USA - Parker Safety Razor

CA $61.49

Fromm Razor Strop 2 1/2-Inch X 23-Inch IRS127

CA $35.01

Anself Wood Handle Shaving Strap Double Sided Leather Sharpening Strop for Razors W4357-MRYTLB

CA $7.17

Fromm Razor Strop 2 1/2-Inch X 24-Inch Cowhide IRS361

CA $37.26

Men Straight ShavingRazor Badger Hair Brush Stand Holder Leather Strop Soap Bowl

CA $128.53