Wedding Instant Guestbook Nautical with White Lettering Sign in Book- with empty pages

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This is blank version of our famous Instant pocket albums (can be found on my store) Pages are empty so works great for writing, standard photos or instant photos.

Just for writing: any format will work great. Just count your guests and choose the best option for you.

Album for standard photos: if you are using this album for standard photos i would recommend purchasing vertical format album. Then you can use both: vertical and horizontal format standard photos. Both sides of the page can be used. You will need to use double sided sticker for the photos to stick. (I add stickers box for free)

Album for instant photos: this album does not have pockets as my original well know albums (please check my store to find them) so both sides of the page can be used. So this album will hold more photos then album with pockets. But guests will need to use double sided stickers ( i add a box for free) for photos to stick in.

What size i need? People usually take photos as couples. Also depends if your guests will use both sides of the page or not. So this is approximate counting:

  • Blank Horizontal format: 30 pages 30 – 100 guests (30 - 60 photos)
  • Blank Horizontal format: 40 pages 50 – 140 guests (40 - 80 photos)
  • Blank Horizontal format: 50 pages 70 – 160 guests (50 - 100 photos)
  • Blank Vertical format: 30 pages 90 – 180 guests (60 - 120 photos)
  • Blank Vertical format: 40 pages 110 – 200 guests (80 - 140 photos)
  • Blank Vertical format: 50 pages 130 – 220 guests (100 - 160 photos)

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